Welcome to Hot for Houses, a blog about all things design-related, and just about anything else that comes to my crazy mind. Im in love with architecture, interiors, furniture, landscaping, fashion, food, travel, art, music, crafting, and photography. I find imperfection charming and alluring. I have hoarding tendencies. I believe that buying second-hand is good for the soul (and Mama Nature!). I go to thrift stores waaayy more than Id like to admit. I have an occasional weakness for processed foods and a recurring weakness for shoes. My favorite design aesthetics are Japanese and Danish. My greatest design influence is my mom, who can make everything she sees. Anything from the 40s, 50s, 60s is DA BOMB. The 70s is also super groovy. I am also crazy in love with my hubby and our dog Phoebe. We are incredibly lucky to live in San Francisco, where beauty abounds. This blog is an outlet for my hoarding obsessions and projects.


Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Im an admirer and a DIYer. I guess Im just hot for houses.